Friday, December 18, 2009

Standing Up for the Little Guy

A friend of ours, Nick Russell publishes a small travel newspaper The Gypsy Journal.. Some of you may have seen it now and then. He recently returned to Elkart, Indiana to sell his conversion bus. They delivered the bus on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night, Nick and the buyer and a friend went out to dinner. Upon returned to his current motor-home, they realized it had been broken into.

Nick impulsively ran to the motor-home door and ordered the thief out (Nick was unarmed and probably no match for any 18 year old.) The thief came to the door and poked his hand out, holding Nicks pistol. Nick slammed the door on his hand twice upon which the thief dropped the weapon and pushed his way out and fled.

The thief had already taken several items out of the motor-home. He also slashed some of the seat cushions for no apparent reason. After Nick recovered from the event Saturday night, he called his insurance agent, “he was out, call back Monday.” It would be best for you to read Nicks blogs for the last week to see in his own words what the insurance company and agent were asking of him. His blog is:

It was a typical delaying operation, always asking for more documentation etc. Surprise, in today's blog, Nick suddenly was making great strides. It seems that Nick has a large following on his blog and several people, upon reading how badly he was being treated, called up their agent from the company and said, “close me out, as I don't like how your company is treating my friend Nick. Suddenly the insurance company is reversing themselves. At first they needed all kinds of documentation etc. Now it is just tell us how much it is and we'll have a check in the mail. Maybe for once, the little guy might win one.

For the last couple of postings, we've talked about holiday dinner arrangements. Obviously, I don't like to stand in lines. Plus if it is to be a social event, let's arrange it so that we can socialize. The acoustics in so many of the recreational halls is not good when you get 100 to 200 people in and, all are talking. It is especially bad when a few are hard of hearing and the rest speak louder! Perhaps some thought needs to be given to deadening the acoustics in the room.

The last weekend before Christmas is upon us and we're making big changes. Two weeks ago, a couple here in the park asked if we were really serious about renting out our lot now? We said, “Yes!”. They needed a lot starting the 24th of December. So we're leaving here on the 23rd of December and heading for Quartzsite. I've told Sandy that we will go to a park when we arrive and I've already verified that there is space and they will have a park wide dinner. (I didn't ask for the details.) So we now have 4 days to get everything squirreled away and be ready to move out on Wednesday..

For those of you in the frigid north, the low today was about 45 and the high must have been about 75. It was delightful Merry Christmas and remember the reason for Christmas


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