Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Recovery

Here it is Saturday and we're kind of relaxing again. (Or do we do it all week?). We attended the usual Thanksgiving dinner in the club house where each couple brings a plate to share and we paid $3 each for the park to provide Turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. I referred to it as like feeding cattle, as one fellow led us with a "blessing" (well done) and then it was "go get it". It reminded me of my days on the farm when we opened the gate to let the cattle access the feeding trough. There was no pushing here, but otherwise it was similar. (The idea of calling out numbered tables seems foreign to them here.)

We have quit watering our newly poured patio slab and it is slowly drying out. Yesterday I tried to drill into an electrical pipe I buried in the concrete and didn't find it. Apparently they moved it slightly. Today I'm going to push a magnet up the pipe from the outside and hopefully using a compass, I can find where they moved it to.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I got kind of excited about heading into Best Buy early on Friday to try to get one of the HP computers they had on sale Friday. Then Sandy read where you had to get a coupon at 3 AM in order to get in the computer line at 5 AM. We decided that it wasn't worth it. If they have reduced the price once, they'll do it again.

I have tilted our solar panels and they are working wonderfully. We're burning about 50 Ampere-hours each night and with the tilted panels, the batteries are recharged by noon. I'm now assuming that when we arrive at Quartzsite, we'll not use the old interior lights but instead use the LED lights and then run the inverter to power the computers so that Sandy can surf all evening.

It looks like we're going to find out what a dust storm is like in Arizona today. Supposedly a weather change is also to bring some rain, which they have not seen in 3 months. Right now there is a definite dust cloud in the air.


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