Sunday, December 27, 2009

And Now for the New Year!

We survived the Christmas rush of things and are quietly enjoying ourselves here in the park. Sandy has been working for days (it seems) on getting our Christmas letter put together. Of course, you know who took the heat? Me. She asked me to draft it after she had outlined all of the stuff we did this past year. So I provided her a draft. Now she says she has a problem whittling it down to a a reasonable size. I guess I'm good at saying nothing with lots of words. What an art! And years ago, I had real problems in English, both sentence structure and writing anything.

We have been here since Wednesday and we will need to either pay up or move on this Wednesday. So this morning, we drove around an area where we might consider locating ourselves for a few days. We did find the unique golf course. They have special rules here: “if it is on the green, it is in the cup.”The green never needs mowing, is mostly rock, up to 2 inches. We also found an area referred to as “Arizona Trust Lands” that also said 'Keep out” but we observed about 2 dozen RVs parked there. We'll go back and see if we can visit with someone that is parked there.

We've developed a slight wrinkle in our schedule of boondocking in January We were copied on an email that went to several members of the Winnebago group that we are helping with. What has thrown us is that he has moved it about a mile from where we thought it was to be. So who knows.

A few days ago, we suffered from a sinus problem that made walking initially a bit difficult. (A slight dizziness when I'd stand up.) I'm happy to report that medicine does wonderful things. Pills that were left over from my bout of the same thing a year ago worked fine. Sandy looked up what they were and we both felt that it was the wrong stuff. But it worked. The down side was that it made me very sleepy, so I slept well at night.

In our mind, it is a bit cool here. But then when we see what the weather is like in Iowa, Wisconsin and New Jersey, we'll not complain. It is interesting how the storm fronts move from here to the Midwest and on.

Ring in the New Year where ever you are at.


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