Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We're Ready to Travel

Tomorrow morning is departure day and we're ready. We had a number of things to do and we finished all of them but one. I failed to touch base with the local couple that handles the park mail. I'm expecting a package (from Hong Kong) and we've decided to have it forwarded to us at Quartzsite. Obviously, that has some risk because there will be thousands of packages arriving at Quartzsite, but I want it. In the package are 25 connectors for some of the LED lights that I have purchased.

Perhaps some of you saw the massive traffic accident that occurred near here on Interstate 10. A blinding dust storm was the cause. Drivers insist on driving 70 mph plus and then suddenly the dust cloud is there. Unlike in a blizzard, the dust cloud edge is like driving into a brick wall, suddenly there is no visibility. We have seen some small dust storms where outside of the cloud, visibility is good and in the storm, it drops dramatically.

This is going to be a short blog, as my mind suddenly has gone blank. It seems like before I open the blog editor, I have all kinds of topics I want to address. But when I open the editor, suddenly my mind is blank.

So we won't bore with useless stuff.

More next time.


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