Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Winter Blast has passed us Here!

Looking at the newscasts, there is no doubt that it may be cool here, but it is a heat wave compared to what some of you are seeing up north. Our daughter Beth (single, in Dodgeville, WI) sent an email that she was up at 6 AM to shovel her sidewalks and drive. Then she left work early so that she could get her sidewalks and drive shoveled again before the temperatures headed down and froze it all in place. She finished the task and admitted that she is very tired tonight.

I have to admit that it is nice to be here in Arizona and not have to worry about any snow in this area. Northern Arizona near the Grand Canyon was hit pretty hard yesterday with snow and wind. As of 6 pm tonight, there are still 10 hunting parties unaccounted for in the forest. It reminds me of the Armistice day storm that hit Iowa in the early 40s when several duck hunters were lost on the Mississippi River because they were un-prepared. These hunters at least knew it was to be cold. Perhaps they didn't expect as much snow.

This afternoon we were at a meeting in the club house and I asked the fellow next to me if he knew why the county was being such a stickler on the park survey. He said he really didn't know, but he understood that there are a few lots in the park where there is a border or fence line dispute and the county has been involved. Obviously, the county authorities are not too sympathetic when everything is supposed to be carefully measured etc. and nothing is built without a building permit defining what is being built and how far it is from the lot lines.

A few weeks ago, one of the old time members told me that the original park developer was kind of loose with lot dimensions when someone wanted to buy a lot. If the buyer wanted a slightly wider lot and the lot next door was still a park owned lot, the developer would give him a few feet. However, no records were kept other than individual buyers memories of what was said. So when another buyer purchased the lot next door, his neighbor pointed out where the lot line was per his understanding, not the actual lot line as recorded. So yes, a mess. Our lot is correctly described and we found the four corner stakes when we purchased it.

Yesterday we were at a luncheon at the Golden Corral to meet with about 30 other RV users here in the Casa Grande area. We especially enjoyed sitting at a table with 2 other couples with Iowa connections. We hadn't seen each other for months and what a joy to catch up on every ones activities. The rest of the group was long gone when we also decided to do the same.

The weather is slowly warming here. The wind has died down and today was very nice, if only up to 60 degrees. We feel for our friends and relatives in the Midwest that are getting hit with a real artic blast! We wish them well.


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