Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrapping up the Old Year!

Here we sit enjoying the world as it passes us by. But we're not complaining, we're just plain relaxing here at Tyson Wells Flea Market RV park. We're not in the middle of the lot, but close enough that its no big deal to walk over to it. I've found most of the little stuff I was looking for and the rest can probably be ignored. There are a couple of tool sites that kind of have a magnetic attraction for me. But then do I really need another wrench?

This morning I walked to the post office shortly after 8 AM to mail some letters and had intended to visit some flea market vendors on the north side of the highway. But no luck, it appears that nothing starts around here until well after 9 and more like 10 AM.

About 2 weeks ago, we acquired an addition to the RV, Rex (a hound dog). We think we'll enjoy Rex very much. We don't have to walk him, nor feed him which can be a blessing. Rex is very well mannered and doesn't jump upon people. Rex just happens to be an electronic dog that is able to sense when someone is near the front door. As you move around the front door on the outside of the motorhome, Rex becomes more agitated and sounds like he's ready to go through the side of the motorhome and eat you alive.

We had thought of getting Rex a couple of years ago, but he kind of was pushed into the background until a friend's RV was broken into a month ago. The RV was parked at an RV dealer and the owners were out to dinner. Perhaps an upset dog barking in the RV wouldn't have stopped the burglars, but it certainly wouldn't have hurt to have had Rex around for them. Most sane people don't want to tangle with an upset dog (a big one). I don't know if it will help, but it certainly shouldn't hurt us. To complete the show, I'd like to acquire a medium sized well used dog dish to put outside when we are parked. Just a little item to confirm for the faint of heart that yes, there is a dog in the house.

Today was a very nice day here in Quartzsite and guess what that did to the lady bugs in our house? They woke up From morning to this evening, we have caught about 50 of the little critters so far. It is down right disgusting. But 50 is a whole lot better than 150 to 200 about a month ago. Actually for the last two weeks, we have seen very few of them because of the cool weather. But with the warm weather, they probably think it is spring and they are ready to do their thing. Perhaps we'll be rid of them about the time we return to the Midwest in three plus months.

It is New Year's Eve as I write this and there are no big (or little) parties planned for this household. It will be another quiet “passing in the night” for this couple. For all of you readers,



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