Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We're in the Thick of It

We have been here in Quartzsite and our one week stay in the park was up. So it was either extend another week or move. We decided that we'd move to cheaper surroundings. Nothing against the park we were in, its just that we were paying for stuff we were not using, like the evening bingo, card playing, etc. So where did we end up at? Right close to the flea market at Tyson Wells Flea Market grounds. We just returned from an exploratory walk and Sandy was heard to say (mumble) “I hope you get your exercise walking the flea market!”. It will be a different surroundings verses walking on the desert. Another reason was the price was more economical!

Of course, I'm not totally out of the woods either. Where we were parked gave us a very poor but usable TV signal. Here on the flea market grounds, the picture is not usable. (Of course, we didn't resubscribe to a new DISH contract, so I'm without for a while. Oh well, more time to just surf if Sandy will buy it.)

We're getting mixed signals about the attendance here at Quartzsite. One email says that it is way down; another says that the people are coming in like crazy. What we can report on is that at the Amateur Radio breakfast on Saturday morning, we had 30 people, which I thought was a very good number. On the other hand, this morning, we attended the Escapee Breakfast and there were only 7 people. So give us another week or two to decide on attendance. In the end, it probably doesn't bother me either way.

It may not be a heat wave here in SW Arizona, but I'll take it verses what we see happening in the Midwest and eastern states. Are they getting a taste of Winter. But I'll have to admit that I was a bit envious of the nice weather they are having in Florida!


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