Thursday, August 27, 2009

And the Rains Keep Coming

Here it is Thursday and Our Grand Daughters left last Friday, an eternity ago. But we've survived.

I've kept my mind busy reworking the house batteries in our motorhome since they left. Now the frustration is that I can't work when its raining outside. If I did a simple battery swap, a new battery installation would not be a problem. But I wanted better batteries, so we're taking 3 out and installing 4 new ones. The batteries fit on the tray fine. The problem is that they are an inch taller, which is a half inch more than Winnebago allows me to use. But with a hack saw, we solved that problem in short order.

Now the issue is getting all of the cabling done right. The cabling is big stuff, more like over sized welding cables, about a half inch in diameter for just the copper wire. We picked up the batteries on Monday, On Tuesday, we dressed up the cables and tied them in place so that we can run the tray in and out. (Winnebago just laid the cables on top of the battery, which did make it difficult at times to slide the battery tray in. The remaining effort is to install the shunt to measure the current and then hook up the 6 volt batteries in a manner that equally loads all batteries. (We're using 6 volt batteries in place of the original 12 volt batteries.)

We made some slow progress on Wednesday, but nothing like I should have. I guess considering the wages I'm being paid, we're still doing an outstanding job. Progress was zero today because it was raining from dawn to dusk. Plus we were gone most of the day for an extended lunch with friends from my days at Rockwell. It is great to have some time to sit down and compare notes.

Enough for tonight.


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