Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day Four with Grand Daughters

Today was the big day and what a day it was. We were up early so that we could get in a full day at the fair. Grand mother had so many things to show them. We did survive with a few dents in our mental state. That is, grand daughters had other ideas of what we should be doing at the fair verses grandmother.

Our first stop was at the varied industries building where they have numerous quilts hung and then upstairs, lots of smaller items out of the sewing department. Wake up number one: grand daughters do not want to remain with us, but wander on their own, which was not acceptable. Grandmother was willing to let them be on their own as long as they stayed in the room. Looking at the entries for them was a non-stop walk down the isle. None of this gazing at an item counting threads, looking at patterns or comparing colors that most of the ladies did. Grandpa contented himself with sitting down and observing people. People are carrying a lot of excess baggage (big spare tire) with them. No wonder we have a medical funding problem!

When grandmother finished, it was off to the 4-H building, a location near and dear to her heart. A cousin had mentioned some photos displays so the goal was to find them.. Gene decided that he was useless baggage and perhaps they'd stick closer to grandmother if he stayed behind and checked out the varied industries building. The report I later got was that they stayed with grandmother long enough to see the photo entries, but then insisted on wandering the building on their own. Much to grandmothers disappointment, there was no interest in presentations or working displays or anything else in the building.

The rest of the day was equally frustrating for all. We did find an art drawing demonstration that they seemed interested in for an hour, but otherwise, it was nearly a zero. We did honor their request for a lemonade drink, which I nearly flipped on the price, a highway robbery price of $3.50 per glass. (they did enjoy it.) But then came a show stopper, they wanted a caramel apple, which is normally a no-no with braces and which Sandy and I recalled being discussed before we parted company with the parents on Saturday. Our recollection of the discussion was opposite their recollection, so their were two very unhappy girls and no apples. (It was agreed that we could ask mom and dad via email and maybe they could have them tomorrow.)

So ended our first day at the fair. In short, very stressful, especially for this old man. Back at the motorhome, no walks and every one relaxed in the air conditioning. I think everyone is still on speaking terms!

Tomorrow is another day.


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