Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st and Time Marches on

Our plan for sometime was that we would go to Cedar Rapids today to do some shopping and get a prescription for Sandy. But we hadn't agreed upon the time. (I assumed it would be in the afternoon and on the way back, we'd stop at our custom operator for his field day showing off his corn and beans.) Well, Sandy said that we would have to return to the motorhome before field day to get the food put away. So when she asked when we were going at 9 AM, I said after lunch. She disagreed and of course, we left for Cedar Rapids shortly.

Our first stop was to a trucker's general store on the SE side where we did find some crimp connectors that we needed to finish our new battery installation. Okay, mission one done. Then on to SAMs on the north side of town, where we got Sandy's membership card (with grainy photo) and then did some minor shopping. Of course, while there, we did some comparison shopping for some groceries. Nothing was purchased, but I wrote down about 6 items and prices. One item I fell in love with was a package of 4 boxes of Brownie mix. I was ready to buy it. Sandy disagreed and felt that we needed to check prices at Walmart. (Of course when we were at Walmart later, we saw the brownie mixes and I didn't get to keep any brownie mixes there either.) That was a bummer, as the box printing made it look so good!

It was then on to Walmart, and a quick stop for lunch on the way. In Walmart, Sandy filled the grocery cart with lots of stuff, especially for the Saturday morning breakfast we're serving to many friends. (Of course, the big bill was because of my bottle of wine!) Sandy does the shopping and I push the cart, which is about as exciting as watching wet paint dry on a rainy day. We almost had a problem when Sandy realized that Walmart is apparently no longer going to stock her favorite Cheer laundry detergent. Eventually, we finished and we headed out and on to Amana to see my mother.

We arrived back at the farm by mid afternoon. It took a while to store all of the stuff. One of the problems with buying at SAMs is that it comes in large packages. Sandy's kitchen is too well organized and there is only room for so much (and no more.) When flour is needed, it is with the 10 pound sack, which then fits into the flour container. If we could buy the larger size for less money, it creates a major problem and upsets the apple cart because there is no allocated space to store the extra stuff. (And SAMs sells stuff in larger quantities.) So shopping at SAMs might be a challenge!

With all of the stuff stored and a little time to catch our breath, we headed out to Larry's field day and a free dinner from Barb. (The dessert was a double brownie, finally!) As usual, we got a tour of the beans and I was impressed with a new hybrid. It was about the same height as the rest, but it had a much larger stem and many more beans pods then the rest. Then they told me the price per bag! Sticker shock might be the way to describe it. But you need to buy quality seed, so the decision was easy.

Finally we're back at the motorhome to rest and catch up on the day's reading. It is so quiet and peaceful here. No TV, no radio, no highway noise and no fan noise! As I sit in my chair, I can see the lights of the east side of Williamsburg through the front window and there is no traffic on the road. Perhaps by bed time, the coyotes will sing their evening melody just to let us know that they are around.

Life is good, thanks to the Lord.


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