Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day one with the Grand daughters

Today was day one with our grand daughters in our RV. Woh, but all went well. Even one of them commented that I think mother was kind of sad to see us not returning with them.

For starters, they were neatly buckled in to the sofa seat and both were busy with their ipod or book. At Prairie du chien, we stopped for groceries and they agree to help grandmother with her shopping (I was amazed.) Of course, they came out with a few extras, like a big box of Orelo cookies and a 12 pack of Fanta soda. (Not normally on Sandy's menu.)

When we left the Walmart, Kari agreed to ride shotgun with me in the front seat. (I'm not sure she knows what the term implied.) She was very alert at the corners, but usually staring straight ahead, almost entranced with her ipod songs.

We arrived at the park at 3 pm and I thought for a moment, things would not be too friendly. But eventually they seemed to relax and became grandmother's helpers. First to make dinner and then to dry dishes. Later Gene was roped into playing a card game with them. He didn't stand a chance, as it was a lot of eye hand motion. But we had fun.

We're writing this on the back up machine. I guess we might have lost the primary machine to being pre-empted by two grand daughters. The problem is I don't have a spell checker now. So please excuse my errors.

In a nutshell, all is well.


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