Friday, August 21, 2009

Day Six with Grand Daughters

Interesting how personalities and attitudes seem to change. Today was a whole new day. Our grand daughters were the height of perfection, agreeable, smiles and sociable. We did have one issue with the younger one when grandmother wished to wash their clothes. She insisted that her stuff didn't need to be washed until she returned home. Eventually, it did come out that she had worn her jeans (much too long) on the day of the rain and yes, the bottom had gotten wet and yes, we had walked through the barns. The bottom inch or two wasn't just wet, it was caked with dirt and you know what.

Grandmother was insistent that they had to be washed and she finally agreed. Then once the ice was broken, more was washed. (I'm not sure how much.) I guess life goes on.

There were also a couple of times when the elder grand daughter turned on the charm personality and laid it on that grand mother was great. Some people learn psychology so early in life.

We returned to the farm yesterday and then drove the Saturn over to see my mother in the care center in Amana. It so happened that it was the one day a month when they have an afternoon birthday party for the residents, so we were invited in and had a table with my mother plus we were served cake, ice cream and punch. It worked out very well. My mother is 98 and her memory is failing, such that she didn't remember that the girls were there just two weeks ago. But when we brought up a little bit of history on her father's farm and Indians, she well remembered how the neighbor took her to see the Indians and when the brave opened the tepee flap to see inside, all of the squaws covered themselves.

Today is the big day. We deliver our precious charges to the airport and sign them over to the airline for an escorted flight to New Jersey. Since they have flown many times, that part is old hat to them. We'll see how saying "good-by" to the grand parents goes.

Time to wrap this up and mail it so that we can get on with the business of ferrying our precious charges to the airport. But now, it is breakfast time.


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