Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day Five with Grand Daughters

Life improved considerably on day 5. I'm not sure what made the difference, be it just another day or a letter from their dad that caramel apples were not to be in their diet. (They wanted one so bad on Tuesday.) Anyway, it was a new day and generally a new outlook.

We had to make haste when we arrived at the fair, as it looked like rain and then did rain before we found the building we wanted. It was on the hill and there was a dulcimer concert there at 9 AM. We were there in time and settled in on some very hard folding chairs. Later when we asked Kari how she liked the concert, she simply said, "A bunch of old people".

After the concert, we toured the building, which contained numerous "old ' tools from a life of yesterday. That didn't interest our little ladies at all. So then we headed for the cultural hall where there the photography display was. That got their attention a wee little bit. We ended up spending much of the morning checking out prints. One print was from a mountain top in Germany which both girls brightened up and said, "We were there just a few weeks ago!".

Time had moved on and it was getting close to lunch time. However, the girls wanted to have one ride before lunch so that they wouldn't get sick on the ride. So we found the crazy mouse roller coaster and they had their fun. On our way to the Pork Producers tent, they decided that one more ride would be it. So off to that area (there are fixed rides at the fairgrounds and there are rides that are part of the traveling carnival -different areas. Okay, we found it and it was lightly used, so there was no waiting. When they finished the ride, both girls needed to sit down for about 10 minutes and recover. It was a twister type ride and it did leave them in an uncertain state!

Eventually, it was off to lunch. Near the Pork tent was a place selling wieners on a stick wrapped in baked batter. Okay, no pork for them today. Afterwards, we entered the pork tent where Gene and Sandy had a BBQ pork dinner and some time to sit on a chair.

No Iowa State Fair is complete until one has seen the biggest boar and the biggest bull, so a long walk to the opposite side of the grounds where we found the barns. Admiring livestock was a whole lot more fun than stuff based upon their actions The largest bull was one huge animal (3100 pounds) and looked like he'd like to have a little freedom. The largest boar was a big fat slob and could hardly get to his feet. Perhaps he was king in his day, but there wasn't much fire left in his bones now.

Our final agreed upon stop for the day was the food building where Sandy was very much at home. The girls and I found it about as exciting as watching wet paint dry (or worse). Here it was, so many sweets and not a bite to sample! Watching the judges do their thing didn't turn either of us on. By now it was mid afternoon and everyone was ready to head back to the motorhome. So another long walk, with a very dark cloud overhead. So we set a good pace so that we hoped we found the car first before the rain found us. We won and about a minute later, it poured.

So ended our second day at the fair; everyone's attitude seemed to be okay although I'm not sure they'll ever want to attend another fair. Maybe for the rides, but nothing else. Grandmother enjoyed the fair very much and tried to select activities that would be of interest to the girls. I don't think she succeeded. Their background hadn't prepared them to take any interest in cooking, baking, or sewing activities. Maybe someday, but not now!

Thursday is moving day, back to the farm.


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  1. You forgot to mention the funnel cake! Obviously it was the highlight of the girls' day!