Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Reunion Time

We were able to take care of family matters Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, we went to Cedar Rapids for some shopping and other supplies. Plus I had to return a belt for my lawn mower. On the week before, we had picked up a belt which turned out to be too small. We had returned it and this time, we were smarter, we took two belts of the next sizes up. It worked and so we had an extra belt to return.

We had also noticed Wednesday morning that during the previous night, a tree bordering the lane decided that it had enough and laid down. Fortunately for us, the tree went to the northwest and didn't block the lane. But it required some clean up afterwards. Trees are nice on a farm, but there always seems to be lots of clean up after them.

For the previous 3 days, the weather has been delightful. Today, it is warm (some would say HOT) and steamy, plus it is very windy. But as my wonderful mother-in-law used to say, "Gene, this makes the corn grow". And grow it should, as we have not see warm weather like this in Iowa for most of the season.

I have contented myself trying to fix a problem between the motorhome and the toad with the tail lights. We have zero power on any wire, so I naturally expected a blown major fuse some where in the motorhome. However, today we finally found the fuses, hidden under two panel covers and they have power through them. So some place between there and the rear connector is an open connector. We did find a connector junction about 3 feet from the rear socket, but it was okay. The wires then disappear into the motor enclosure. So Monday I'll call Winnebago to see where they spliced the lines again. Yes, we need them, but the motorhome rear lights are above the toad, so people should see my signals any way.

Yesterday we received a quick phone call from our daughter Beth, wanting to tell us that she survived the mountain climb and hike. She was on a 6 day excursion somewhere in Colorado hiking with about 15 other people. She was a bit concerned since she recently strained her back but all went well. We look forward to an update when we see her on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is the big family reunion on my mother's side. It has been going on for years and years and it is the one opportunity to visit with many of the cousins. We were supposed to move the motorhome over yesterday morning, but it was raining and I decided that moving out in the rain and setting up in the rain was too much. So I just drove over yesterday afternoon for the social hour. We started the idea of a campout about 6 or 8 years ago and it has really caught on. Yes, we could move over today, but the park was filling up yesterday and we decided to just skip the campout part of it this year.


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