Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Catching up on the Farm

We spent all day Monday and Tuesday working to clear out mother's apartment at the assisted living center in Amana and also making her comfortable in the Care Center in Amana.. We think we have both jobs done, as Mother seems satisfied in her new location and the apartment was cleaned out when we left Tuesday afternoon. We had the same crew back on Tuesday and it went very fast. I think that everyone also worked faster when we could see the end in site.

We had Julie and family out for dinner in the motorhome again. It is obvious that serving more than 4 people in a motorhome is over doing it. But for a couple of days, we managed. After dinner, we adjourned to the tree stump fire pit and made dessert pies with the cherry pie filling. What a treat to enjoy. The real success was that I didn't burn any of them and no one burned their mouth on hot cherries.

Today was a day on the farm. I did some sorting of the picture archives that I brought from the apartment. Now we have it down to 3 boxes worth. Perhaps the plan will be to take one box to our next family gathering and we can jointly look at the pictures. Photos of a specific family can then go to that family. Photos of our parents or relatives will probably be retained so that Sandy can scan them first. The few old photos that I checked did have writing on the back (by mother) indicating who the individuals were.

In the PM, I started my tractors and pulled the fallen tree out to the burn pile. The old W-6 didn't have enough weight or power, so we had to resort to the old 560 Farmall. We finally got the tree moved and in the process scratched a good mark across the yard. I should have checked before I pulled it too far. (The mark was from a limb that broke off and left enough of a stub to be a real plow. Such things happen when we get in a hurry.)

With the tractors put away, we decided that we ought to check on the crops on some ground not right next to us here. So it was a few miles on a dusty gravel road. But we're happy with the crops. The Lord has taken good care of us!

Tomorrow we need to go to Cedar Rapids for some shopping. So it will be lots of riding time plus a quick visit to see Mother.


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