Monday, August 3, 2009

Down Sizing the Apartment

Today was the big day where two brothers and three sisters plus 4 spouses and also our daughter's family joined in the mass de-construction of a lived in apartment. It too us a while to get the hang of it, but once everyone felt comfortable that yes, some stuff is being pitched or sent to Goodwill, it started moving. By 3 pm when we decided to close it down, the place had been pretty well done in. Yes, there is lots of stuff to be carried out, but I think we know where most of the stuff is going. It was great to get back to the motorhome for the evening.

At 6 pm, our daughter Julie and family came for dinner, an outdoor event. All went well other than a host of small black bugs that seem to be everywhere. I guess it is part of life this summer. The granddaughter's are not as much in to being outdoors as the rest of us and quickly retreated to the comforts of the bug free motorhome. The rest of us enjoyed the quiet summer evening.

We can't say we were around the fire, as it was really in a deep hole. The fire is in a hollow tree stump that we want to remove. After tomorrow night, we will have made big dent in the heart of the stump. Probably we'll need to let it cool and scoop out the ashes and do it again.

We had a little wind this morning and as I left the farmstead, I realized that one of the tall pines bordering the lane decided that it had enough and laid itself over. Of course it wouldn't just fall over, but landed exactly on top of a 25 foot cedar tree and squashed it down to about 10 feet. Okay, scratch two trees from the lane. Something else to do before we pull out of the yard this weekend!


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