Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day Three with Grand Daughters

Day three was to be a slow day, packing up and moving from one park to another. All went well with that aspect of it, such that we're settled in at the C.O.E. park here at Saylorville Reservoir near Des Moines.

However, yesterday afternoon, the eldest grand daughter developed her independent streak. No she wouldn't go for a walk with grandmother. Then she wanted to go for her own walk in the campground about 5 minutes later. Obviously, grandpa said no and that didn't set well. When grandmother came back, they did go with her finally. The verbage at times was less than friendly.

After dinner, we went for a long walk as a family. Again, eldest grand daughter pushed the limit of why, where, etc. Grandpa ignored her objections, which were a bit sharp at times. After we were back to the motor home and emotions settled down, she became a more sociable member of the family again. At 9 pm, the State Fair Report came on and they were glued to the TV. But then early bedtime didn't set well with them at 10 PM. (To match the early rising tomorrow.)

The youngest has her heart set on one thing, having a cheeseburger for dinner. So it will be an interesting first day at the fair.


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