Monday, January 30, 2012

Three Lakes WMA and watching the world pass us by!

We are having a delightful time here at Three Lakes WMA, relaxing and visiting with others.  What a way to spend one's time, just watching the world go by.   I didn't realize that it has been 5 days since the last time I blogged.  My apologies for neglecting you.

Yesterday, the fellows made a trip to another WMA about 45 miles north of here.  We were met by the volunteer at the gate who was checking in (and out) the hunters.  It looked to me like it was a very slow day for him and he was delighted to have someone stop in and ask lots of questions.

The first question was "tell us about the campground."  It is rather small compared to Three Lakes, but very nice with just a few rigs and the grass was mowed short.  He explained to us what days we could camp and and for how long.  During the general hunting season, the campground is open from Thanksgiving until about January 22nd.  From then on, the campground is only open on some weekends from Thursday until Monday evening.

What we loved to hear was that we could schedule  our rendezvous there if we were inside of that time frame.   We'll work on that. There are a number of trails radiating out from the campground, so there are adequate opportunities to go hiking.  There is much more we can do on our stay there.

In the mean time, we are planning to  visit it once we leave Three Lakes, which is in early February.  We could stay in this WMA until about the fourth of March if we wanted to.  (Our next rendezvous starts February 25, so we have a little time to work in something extra.)

Today was laundry day in our household and it was obvious that we're in tourist country, as the washer and dryer fees were the most we've ever paid.  I guess they want to make all of their profit in the short winter season.  If you have been following the weather here in Florida, it is almost unreal.  The low was 46 this morning, it was 56 in our living room and 60 in the bedroom.  I've never paid attention before on how much impact our body heat has on the bedroom heat.  It does make a difference.

There is not much else to say, so we'll call it a day with this one.


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