Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We're at the dealer, a-waiting service

Just as planned,  this time we actually pulled out of the park and headed "down the road".  Since we had some prescriptions being ordered a the  Clewiston Walmart, we went north via Clewiston.   In Clewiston, I suggested that we skip the laundry task and wait and do it at the dealer today or tomorrow.  Sandy reluctantly agreed.  (I had surfed and knew that the dealer we were headed for in Wildwood had a launtry facility in his mini park for the customers.

On the way to Wildwood, my plan was to stop at the dealer at Avon Park in case he was willing to take on our problem.  We arrived at Avon Park at 3 PM.   I talked with the dealer and yes, they'd put us in the Que as long as I understood that it might be a while.  We happily agreed.

So here we sit, parked in his mini park with 3 point hookups.  As Sandy said, "you mean I get electric for a while?"  While Sandy was shopping this morning, I was looking up information about the dealers.  I also called HWH for more advice about which dealer to use.   The tech that I've been working with commented to me that it is probably not the pump, but the shuttle valve.   Okay, so it is a smaller item, but it can be a show stopper just as well if they have to order it from Iowa.  

We are very much jammed in here at the dealer's lot.  I told Sandy that his show room is similarly configured.   There is no wasted space in the office area.   Also, no big inside work area that is spic and span.   The "shop" is on some old concrete in front of the office (in the sunshine).   The reason we came here was that online reviews and a personal friend who lives in an adjoining town that said "Go to Stuarts".  So  here we are!

We really enjoyed our stay at Dinner Island Ranch.  Yes, it is a rustic place, but it has what we needed, open space to spread out and make maximum use of the solar sunshine.   The ranger stopped by yesterday afternoon and filled us in on more of the background of the area.   What we'd really like to see is installation of a dump station and a fresh water source.    But we're happy with what it is, basic camping that is free!


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