Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bushnell, FL for a few days

I've been very busy and haven't written a blog entry since Jan 30.  I'm not sure what I've done, but it was obviously very important.    We have really been relaxing out in the prairies of Florida.  I'm sorry about neglecting other more mundane things, like writing a blog.

Today we left our spot at Three Lakes WMA (Wildlife Management Area) and headed for civilization again. For starters we passed by the southern edge of Orlando and was on the highway just south of Disney World.  I didn't want to be there, but there was no other way.  So we grinned, bit our teeth and intended to bear it.   What a joy to finally clear highway 27.  We  headed west on a good county road.  From a very urban environment (Disneyworld traffic) to lots of country peace and quiet.  It was a contrast one rarely sees.  It was another hour before we arrived at the Sumter Oaks RV park and checked ourselves in to the last motorhome site.

Actually, what happened was that I observed a bit of burn out in Sandy as far as roughing it with limited electricity.  So we are taking break between two rendezvous, so why not live in style for a little bit.  While here, I'll update my part of Quicken so that we can also get serious with our taxes.  (Quicken does a nice job of grouping related entries together if they are recorded!)

At the social hour this afternoon, we met another couple that is a member of the Escapee Boondockers.  However they  haven't attended any of our  east coast rendezvous gatherings.   So we have a week or so to do some arm twisting.   We had a wonderful time comparing notes on where they have traveled with the boondockers out west.

For those of you that remember we had hydraulic slide and jack problems a couple of weeks ago.   I'm happy to report that the slides now work flawlessly.  However, the jacks are still a problem, but we are not letting them be a show stopper.  (We know how to open the emergency return valves to retract the jacks if need be.)  We can ride with it this way until we get back to Iowa and then we can visit HWH at Moscow, IA.   We'll let the real factory experts fix it verses paying some shade tree mechanic to make an educated guess!

This is long enough.  When I posted the previous blog, I got myself into lots of problems.  My resident critic was not too happy about what had been written.   So it was fixed a couple of days later.  Proof reading is not one of my strong points!


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