Monday, January 23, 2012

Patiently Waiting for a part

We're still here in Avon Park, patiently waiting for the replacement part for our HWH hydraulics.  I know we shouldn't complain, but it is tiring to think we're spinning our wheels here when we could be out in the rough with friends.   But the weather has been fantastic and we have electric (which keeps Sandy very happy).  The lows are about 58 and the highs are close to 80.  It is just very nice.

Supposedly, the part we need is coming in tomorrow.  At least Tuesday is two business days from Friday and we asked for 2 day delivery.  Of course, who  knows what the nasty weather in Iowa has done scheduling.  However, we'll wait!

Today we went to Walmart to replenish our stores and pick  up two prescriptions.  Sandy did a good job of getting the groceries.  On the prescriptions, thankfully they are not critical.  We did get Sandy's prescription.  But for prescription, they were to get a new prescription from the doctor and they claimed it didn't happen.  I won't bore you with the details on Sandy's prescription, but suffice it to say, it wasn't just a walk in and pick it up.  We also stopped at a small auto shop and had the Honda serviced.  So now we're good for another 8000 miles more or less.

We're going to think positive tomorrow morning and top off the water tank early. We'll also put the rig into travel mode by storing stuff.  I shudder to think what our GVW has done to in the last few years.  We have lots of books, files etc that  occupy space and weigh something!

What we won't miss leaving here is the highway noise. It is constant from about 6:30 in the morning to about 9:30 in the evening.   But again,  we know it will end.


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