Thursday, January 12, 2012

Watching the World Pass us by!

 I was going to write a blog entry last night, but other things got in the way.  First it was reading the news, then the email, then it was time for my evening snack. Oh yes, we were going to do a blog entry and I turned the computer back on to do it.   But first we have to load Chrome and it brought up the Google News which I had to read.  Then something struck my fancy and I loaded our email program to see if there were any very important late messages.  Of course, there was an attachment or two that needed reading.

The evening news was on and I finally decided that it was time for the sack. It was only when I was in bed that I remembered that I hadn't written my blog.  The thought occurred that perhaps I should get up and do it.  But why hurry it along, it can wait until morning.

I was awake very early this morning and decided that I should get up early and do the blog.  But first, while I was in bed, I thought about what I wanted to cover. It must have been heavy  thinking because I later realized that it was nearly 6 AM and I  still hadn't written the blog.   Of course, Sandy decided to get up then and it threw my whole plan off schedule.  So we'll do it after breakfast.

Well, breakfast came and went, the dishes were washed and finally we fired up the computer to write the blog.  Of course, it was new news and we had to read all of the email.  Then it was Nick's blog which is always interesting.  Eventually we had the email read and the Google News read and it was time to head outside for some productive work.   As we headed out, I remembered that the mission for today was to write the blog.  Okay, we'll work on the door first and write the blog later.  Now is  later and it is finally getting done.

Last Tuesday, most of us here headed into Immokalee and the Farmer's Market.  However, this is not just any market, but a market where most of the sales are done via pallets of product or for small quantity, only a lug.   However, we found a few vendors that were selling small quantities and we loaded up.  A lug of grapefruit, a flat (1' by 2') of strawberries, a big bag of beans, a  watermelon, a couple of butternut squash and I think that was it.

When we purchased the string beans, the vendor had a long pickup box filled with string beans.  I asked her how long it would take to sell the whole load?  She replied that they'd be gone by tomorrow night. That is a lot of string beans!

Back at the campground we settled in for a long afternoon nap before our usual 4 PM social hour.  It was a bit windy,  so we gathered around the fireplace, but no fire.  Perhaps tonight.  A cold front went through (so they say) but we didn't really notice any difference.  Okay, the high was 77 verses getting up to 80.  We can handle that.

There are 6 rigs in our group and in the timbered campground there are 3 tents and 3 rigs, all part of another group.  Time to publish this and enjoy a nap!


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