Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dinner Island Ranch boondocking

We arrived here at the Ranch on Tuesday and we have spent most of the time just plain relaxing.  No heavy hitting.  After getting settled in, we did go out on a fire wood scavenger hunt and located  a nice downed tree that seems to have almost fixed us up for the 2 week rendezvous.   We think we have enough firewood.

This morning was our day to make things happen.  We served them pancakes for breakfast at 8 AM.  I was surprised that about half of the group was really pushing to have the start time at 8:30 or later.   I may be in trouble, but I just said that it would start at 8 AM.   Everyone was present and all seemed in a good spirits.  I enjoyed it very much, thanks to the great pancakes (from scratch) mixed up by Sandy.  The key ingredient was "oatmeal".   We did not use the campfire to bake the pancakes, but instead used an electric griddle powered by our Honda 2000i generator.  The generator was hidden behind our motorhome with a 100 foot  cord running to the griddle.  I don't think anyone heard the generator, especially when all were present.

I received an email from my sister last night that my mother was not eating and not exactly with it.  (She is only 100 years old.)   But a call this morning to the nursing supervisor at the care center reported that mother was her old self again and had finished 3/4 of her grapefruit for breakfast.  That alone is enough good news to really make my day!  We are fortunate to have several sisters living in the area where mother is so she does get several  visitors.   One sister calls me on her cellphone to tell me when mother is available to talk.

It is time to call it a day.


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