Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dinner Island Ranch WMA, (boondocking)s

Yesterday we bid goodbye to our park friends and hit the road to another Boondocker's Rendezvous.  It was a great time to leave, as a cold wave was coming in.  This morning we felt the full effect of the cold wave.  The bottom line is that we're still married, but I'm sure Sandy is wondering how much more of this stuff she can take! It was only 36 on my table this morning, after the heater had been on for 10 minutes.  The bedroom was 38.  Outside, it was a cool 28 degrees.

In  case you're wondering, we do not use any heat at night in the motorhome. Yes, there is a heater, but we've just ignored it ever since we purchased it.   When we're boondocking, they don't recommend using them because you can take a battery down before the night is over.   And when you're in a park, why use your gas when an electric heater works so much better?   Ah, the joys of boondocking with friends!

Dinner Island Ranch WMA is 25 miles east of Immokalee  (FL) and it must be in the heart of citrus growing country.  We are parked in a treeless flat plain, probably about 1000 by 500 feet.  Lots of room and we have only 4 rigs here.  There is an adjacent campground in the trees and it only had one rig last night.   Today's activities are to locate some firewood.  We can cut up any down trees, so we need to find them.

It is time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Everyone have a nice day.



  1. Gene:

    That's no way to treat your wife! Get a catalytic heater or a stand alone propane heater or something to get some heat in your rig. Are you trying to kill your wife? Some things are more important than saving money. :)

  2. Doug and Sheila,
    We have a 2 brick blue flame heater, similar to a catalytic heater. However, I have never used any oxygen consuming heater in the rig at night when we're asleep. Tonight will be better, 12 degrees warmer.