Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Lakes WMA and loving it

We were able to leave the repair shop yesterday afternoon at 3 PM.   A little late to hit the road, but I was ready.  (Sandy really wasn't all that in favor of such a late start for a 100 mile run.)  Traffic on Florida 27 was moderate, and we quickly exited to a county road, east bound through more orange groves.  It felt good to be on the road, away from the traffic noise at the repair shop and soon to join our other boondocking friends.

Thanks to the GPS co-ordinates and Sandy's trucker's version of the Garmin GPS, we went right to the location.  (The car version suggested a different shorter route that I wanted to use, but Sandy said "no way".  We found out today that the short route has 8 miles of dirt road, with three soft spots.) Our friends saw us coming and waved us in; what a great feeling to be back among friends.  We parked the rig on the interior road and walked the group's area before deciding where we'd park.   What a joy it was to hit the right buttons and have the jacks go down and the slides go out.  (I did notice one error but chose to ignore it for the time being.)   We then joined the group for a brief social hour before breaking for dinner and then I went to the campfire hosted by another group that they have become friends with.

The error that I noticed last night was that one of the jacks didn't extend.  So today we borrowed a can of ?? to coat the jack shaft so that they would work better.   Things went from bad to worse.   Then we had one jack that refused to retract once the coach weight was off of it.  We pushed, pried and finally using a different switch combination were  able to make it retract some.  We didn't push our luck once we had the coach mostly level.  Perhaps tomorrow we'll try it again.

Since we were intending to visit an area south of here, we had some mail sent there earlier.  But we aren't there, so I made a phone call to the post office to have the mail sent to the local post office.  Sorry, but they will only do it if I submit a "change of address card" so that they know where they have sent it.   So we went to the local post office to fill out the card and spent 5 minutes trying to convince her that there was only one mailing envelope involved.  Finally, she agreed with me.  In the process, I did lay my sunglasses down and lost them.  Oh, the challenges one faces in life.

Officially this campground is an unregulated "hunt camp".  Hunters are allowed to bring their rigs in and leave them for the duration of the season.  So  while the camp appears to be full, about three quarters of the rigs are un-occupied except on weekends, if then.   In a walk about the camp this morning, we met a couple from Iowa that has been here since early December and plan to remain here until the end of February.  The campground is roughly a 20 acre field with a few trees scattered about with a loop road through it and no specific parking sites.  Everyone parks to  suit themselves.

I need to mention that while there is some truck traffic on the road, but it stops at 6 pm or so.  It is very peaceful here tonight and as we used to say as kids, "Dark as the Ace of Spades!"  Once I stepped outside tonight, it was  black.  There are no street lights anywhere near here.


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