Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A show stopper, No Hydraulic slide retraction power

Today was to be one of those days when you venture forth and do a lot of things and in the end find a new site to park the rig for a while.  But a-lass, it was not too be!  We had returned everything to its rightful place, filled in the fire pit, stored the firewood and the last thing I had to do was bring in the living room slide and we're ready to roll.  Major problem--- The hydraulic power unit to drive the slide seems to run, but no retraction action takes place.

We called HWH and they gave us some directions.  But nothing worked, so we decided to explore the services of a Mobile RV Service Tech.   Well, his prices were just a bit more than we wanted to spend  ($200 service charge to just drive out and  look at it.)  So we decided to pull the slide in with the mechanical override.   Yes, it can be done, but it is not fast.  So now we have the slides in and we're living in cramped quarters, not fun!!!!

Since this was to be a moving day, we  had left the laundry clothes out.  Also, it was necessary to move, as the holding tanks are about full.  Our fresh water tank was also about empty.  (We dumped a 6  gallons of water before we knew we had a problem.)   Also, last night I noticed the "stink" oder of the LP flame.  So it is time to find an LP supplier.  But here we sit!

We've located three possible dealers that we'll call in the morning.  One of them will get a visit from us, hopefully late tomorrow.  (Before we get there, we need to buy groceries, pick up some prescriptions, get the LP tank filled, find a hair salon for Sandy and fill up the motorhome with diesel.  And then drive another 100 miles plus.  But life could be worse.  The low tonight is to be about 60 and tomorrows high is about 80.  I think we can handle it okay.

I guess we'll look back on today as just another "bump on the road".    At least we're healthy.


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