Friday, June 5, 2009

We're in Winnebago Country

Today we made a speedy trip to Forest City, Iowa to have the engine serviced on the motorhome and a couple of other things looked at as well..   Okay, with no appointment, things have really gone very well.   We arrived at 10:30 AM and they took the unit in at 11:30 AM, which was fantastic.   They returned the unit to us at 3:30 PM with most of the items finished and a parking pass  so that we can stay in their campground until they have time to  finish it.   We get free parking but I suspect that we'll pay later.
The item that wasn't finished was determining where a strange rattle underneath  is coming from that only started recently.  (Their Freightliner specialist was off today.)   They also found that we have a bad front wheel  seal and it will  be changed early next week.  Since we're a non-scheduled drive in, they will take care of us after they take care of the scheduled appointments next week. Since we have no pressing appointments, that is fine with us when they even provide us free parking (with electricity).
Tonight we're in the Winnebago lot next to the service facility,  with some trees and 30 Amp electric.  We also have close neighbors to our right and our left, plus street lights.  (At the previous county park, it was dark outside, really dark!)  But I think we can manage.
We met a couple here that were in my seminar on boondocking at Sedalia last week and it was enjoyable visiting with them, as if they were old friends.  Here in the campground our other neighbor is a couple that is on their first long RV trip from Florida.   They stopped at the factory, not knowing if they could get service and are they pleased about getting some things fixed!   From here they are headed west to Mount Rushmore, the Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier National Park.  They have never been in the Midwest before and I suspect that we'll be spending a lot of time with them suggesting what they need to do and see. It kind of makes us want to go back again this summer. 
I probably should have had this out  sooner tonight, but I fell asleep watching the TV, which we haven't been using while boondocking.  It is now 11 PM and I'm really refreshed, so here  goes.. 

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