Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Patiently Waiting our turn

Here we sit, waiting for a Freightliner part for  our RV which might be here this afternoon.   In the meantime, Sandy is keeping the internet busy as she prowls web pages for information on Visita, her favorite subject. (But Gene is more laid back,  why beat on a dead or dying horse?)
Yesterday we took the standard visitors plant tour here at Winnebago.  I'm not sure we learned much other than they now employ about 1700 people and build 2000 rigs a year.    And as they drove us around the grounds, they have a ton of Sprinter chassis waiting for production.  My guess is that they have enough chassis to carry them through Christmas if they get nothing else.   The most noticeable difference inside the factory was the few number people around.  But then when you look at the numbers of 2000 rigs a year, which is 40 rigs a week or 8 rigs per line per week or about 2 rigs per line a day, the lines are not moving very fast.
I continue to be amazed by what I see here and read in my Yahoogroups about new RV owners.    There are a number of baby boomers who have decided that it is time to enjoy the good life and are buying an RV with little or no experience behind them.  We introduced some new found friends who were our neighbors over the weekend to where they can park the rig other than what is listed in Woodall's or the Trailer Life Campground directory. While they have had their rig for 3 years, they have not really  ventured far from their home base in Florida and used only state parks.  This morning we received an email from them that they are headed west and stayed in a Flying J for the night.
It is an interesting aspect of the RV community that the dealers are interested in selling RVs and will show you all of the attributes of the RV.  The most visible RV campground community is led by the private campground owners who obviously want you to stay in their parks.   So there is no  one out there talking about the alternatives, such as city park, big box stores, and private club facilities.  My feelings are that when you're carrying everything you need with you, why pay to have someone else duplicate it.  I'll use what I have if I  can find a suitable location to park  it over night.
It is another overcast day here in Forest City, but no rain.  The forecast is light showers maybe.  I guess we can handle it since we're not dependent upon solar while we're enjoying Winnebago's hospitality.  Of course, we're in a big hurry.  We have 9 days yet to go about 40 miles for Sandy's school reunion.   So it doesn't make much difference where we park it (and here it is free.)



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