Monday, June 15, 2009

Leaving Winnebago in the Morning (again).

Well, we were parked in the Winnebago lot over the weekend, after finding more than a minor leak in the roof over the drivers side window and returning. So this morning, we joined the parade of RV owners going into the Customer Service desk for an appointment to get some work done. It was the usual fill out the papers, explain to the first tech manager, wait and explain it again to the fellow who was going to supervise the rework.
Of course, they are very diplomatic, never agreeing to anything, but they'll look at it. In the end, they did what should have been done before. They also felt that the fiberglass crack that I observed was an old crack and not from their work. But in the end, they did seal it also. So today, we escape with no funds being expended (for once).
Currently, we're in the parking lot while it is raining enough to keep us in and not enough to really test the roof for any more leakage.
In visiting with folks last night, one thing became very clear to me. Many people have no idea how things work electrically. The interaction between the external power, the generator and the charger is a big black blank. They plug in the power cord and it (has/did/or might) work. All of us need to do a self test to make sure we know how it works when all things are working. Then it is easier to determine what is wrong when things don't work. The fellow I was visiting with has an 05 rig and claims it never has worked right, what ever that is.
We look forward to returning to the quiet of our country parks.

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