Monday, June 8, 2009

A quiet wet week-end in Forest City, IA

Here we sit in the Winnebago campground and it has been raining most of the weekend. So obviously, we haven't done much other than church on Sunday morning and get a few groceries afterwards.   But everyone (Sandy and myself ) seems to be happy since we have "high speed internet access".   That is getting us spoiled to say the least.
Saturday morning, we did the usual phone calls to my mother and our two daughters.  It is always great to hear their cheery voices. 
It's now 5 hours later and we just learned that it will take them two  days to get the parts for our wheel and another day to put it on.  So we'll be here through most of the week.   With that in mind, we just ordered our mail from our remail service.   I would expect that we'll be here until Thursday.  Oh, the luck of the draw.

Life could be worse.  Presently, the rains have stopped and a gentle breeze is blowing.  And again I say, everyone is happy since we have a very good (that is fast) internet connection using the Winnebago Wi-Fi.    Today, we finally found a switch for our crockpot in a small town hardware store, just as I expected.  So I do have something else to do this afternoon also.   Sandy used the crockpot yesterday and I told her she needed to do that more often.   The meat was so tender to eat.   

Other than that, not much.  So we won't bore you with non-essential stuff.
Have a great day.

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