Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our day off

I actually started this blog with the next paragraph and experiemented on adding a photo.  Now I see that it has moved everything down, so we'll fill the white space.  Isn't that what you're supposed to do when expounding on great and wonderous topics?

It is a bright sunny day here in the park and we're taking the day off.  No travels, or commitments.  I decided that today I'd learn how to insert a photo into the blog so that all of you fine folks can see how we're roughing it smoothly.   So here it is:  Our  Lake side parking spot.

We don't have a water faucet, electrical box or sewer dump to tie us down to a spot.   Also the grass is mowed, there is a picnic table under the trees and a garbage barrel in the picnic shelter to our left (that you can barely see).   Right now, the loudest noise besides a bird now and then is the sound of the burner in the refrigarator.   Peacefull and very quiet, we love it.

It looks like it is going to be a wall to wall sunshine day, so Sandy gets to use the inverter as much as she wants.     This morning we were down 52 Ampere-hours, a few more than yesterday.   But the solar system recovered the charge by noon, so we have high hopes of being up to par by noon today (minus our usage now.)

We are also not isolated as much as we were.   Last night, I cut the power cord to our weather radio and fixed it so that we can plug it into a 12 volt outlet.   Now the wx radio will be on irrespective  if we're plugged in to AC or not.    So in the event of severe weather for this county, we're listening.    I had trouble programming it last night until we learned that the keep alive batteries were ker-plunk, that is dead.   I guess we pulled the power to the rig and hadn't taken the time to turn the radio off, so it reverted to battery until they were done for.  We'll learn.

It has been a very quiet day  here in our little county park.   We had the usual visit by the local RFD mail carrier and in the ensuing conversation,  he mentioned that there was a small "township" park north of Albert City that had free camping.  So late this afternoon, Sandy agreed to take a little ride in the country with me and check it out.  It is there alright and if you approach it right, it is a hard surfaced road.   
But when you turn off of the road, the fun begins.   The entry road is through a railroad trestle (abandoned track), and the posts aren't much wider than my motorhome and the height is similarly limited to about the height of the motorhome.  Then once we were in (we drove the Saturn), we spotted a no, no sign.   Second on the list was "No Camping without permission", but no phone number on how to get permission.  The park  is an obvious picnic ground and there are no obvious RV parking locations.  Plus the tree limbs are encroaching upon the roof clearance space.    We decided that it had possibilities, but the negatives ruled out suggesting it to the group.  (It is one mile west of Marathon, IA.)
We then trapst off to Laurens, IA, which we were also told that they had a new city RV park.  We found the camping sites on the east end of town, down by the river and the ball diamonds.   Five brand new sites suitable for the longest RV you can have with plenty of gravel and  with water and very good electric (15, 30 and 50A) plus cable.  (It is a city cable system.)   They also have a nice dump station designed by someone who had their head screwed on right.   It has a nicely recessed bowl and no curb to pull the hose over.  Since there was no sign up yet, we found city hall and inquired about the rates.  It will be 15 bucks a night.   Considering the amount of grading they have done, it is probably right,  but more than I like to pay. 
When we finally returned to the motorhome, the solar system had the batteries up to par and I even suggested to Sandy to use the inverter and microwave to thaw something for dinner.  Of course, we're now both surfing at 5 pm.  (Yes, we love our solar system, four nights here and no need for the generator.)
Tomorrow it is off to the big city, Forest City for an oil change on the motorhome and some minor service stuff.


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