Friday, June 12, 2009

Out of Forest City and returning in the morning!

Well folks, it was a red letter day today.  We were cleared to depart after paying out bill (boy, did that hurt).   So we headed for Mason City and their friendly Walmart, where we're settled in for the night.  They ought to be happy, considering the money we dropped here, between 70 gallons of diesel and a major grocery bill  But all is not well.
Before dinner, I noticed water dripping from the ceiling on the drivers side.   Needless to say, I was only a bit upset.  I just paid the bill and part of it was $90 dollars to re-caulk and seal all of the upstairs roof top seams.   So guess where we're headed in the morning-- back to Forest  City. 
I went up  on the roof in the rain to see what I could.  They removed and re-caulked the primary seam between the front cap and the main roof fiber glass.  The seam looks very nice, but it had a couple of breaks in it where the caulking was too thin.  Not a good sign.   When we were driving down the highway after leaving, we also noticed some wind noise, the likes we have never hear before.  It was coming from the overhead.  Frustrating!
It was an interesting week waiting in their campground and in the customer waiting area.  We had ample opportunity to visit with some really wonderful people.  For the most part, they were very upbeat and giving Winnebago the benefit of the doubt that all would be corrected.  I guess that is my feelings also, but it is frustrating to have to return, even if it is only about 40 miles.
Sandy just told me that she is spoiled.  While at the customer service facility, we had good high speed internet. Tonight, our air card is doing well, but not as well as the Winnebago service was.  Sometimes, life is tough.
The good news is that we're parked on concrete and no chance of getting stuck.

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