Sunday, June 28, 2009

Allison to Decorah and into a crowd!

I'm ready to go back to "Boondocking"
We moved this morning from Allison where we had good 50A power in a nice city park. Now we're in a bit more rolling city park in Decorah, IA with lots of people. As we pulled in, we could see that the park had very few spaces. When I asked for 2 nights, she said that it would have to be across the creek and there were only 2 sites. We didn't argue. It makes me appreciate the county park near Albert City even more where we were the only occupant for 4 days (and it was free.)
I asked when the people would leave, since it was Sunday and the weekend crowd ought to be clearing out. Her response was a bit stronger than I expected. She informed me in a rather disgusted voice that the place is full of people who want to make sure that they get a spot for next weekend (the Fourth of July). I don't think she was too happy about the business. (She was a young college student, so I suspect that she is a bit hung over from last night and was hoping to relax today.
We're running a pre-caravan/rally tour of our planned fall Cranberry Caravan Rally from Decorah to Warrens, WI. Our intention was to spend about 4 or 5 days checking it all out and then on Thursday or Friday (before the Fourth), we'd look for a campsite. It sounds like we'll be a bit late. But never fear, we'll find a spot (Walmart if necessary.)
Any one traveling in Iowa, mark down that state highway 24 is the pits. They were starting to resurface it near New Hampton and none too soon. The wind was a real blast today. Going east was great! Going north was the pits, with very gusty cross winds out of the west. Here in the park, which sits down in a hallow with lots of tall trees, there is little wind, we only hear the rustle of leaves high in the tree.
Our stay in Allison was most enjoyable. The rally went very well and we had lots of time to visit and catch up on what everyone had done last winter. Everyone just wanted to visit, and that is great. To top it off, we had a most congenial park hostess who couldn't do enough for everyone to make sure we enjoyed our stay. We were a couple of days early, plus we had met her in our Winnebago group, so it was renewing old acquaintances there also.
Here in Decorah until Tuesday morning when we head for Gays Mills in Wisconsin.


  1. Gene - I should have warned you about the week before a holiday. Lots of people bring their campers park them and leave for the week, so even if there are a lot of campers there probably won't be many people. Craig is the manager's name, they don't usually take reservations, but may for a rally in the middle of the week.

    I also am curious what kind of speed you get on your internet connection because I think I had extended network with EVDO and I think it was faster than it used to be

    Don Mulert

  2. Don,
    The internet speed was nothing to crow about, but as Sandy says, "it was a lot better than here!"