Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Enjoying a neat Primitive campground

 I mentioned in the previous posting how Albert City had jacked up the camping fee for their city park.   So we became very serious about finding alternative parking early Monday morning.
Just east of AC on highway 3 is a Pocahontas county park on a small lake.   So we called the  office Monday morning and requested permission to use it.  The department secretary was concerned that there was no water or other amenities there, to  which I replied, "I have everything I need with me."     Permission was granted and here we are.  We have lake front property, on mowed grass, with a garbage can near by and all the kid's playground equipment you might want.  Monday I mentioned to Sandy that the place was so un-used that even the swing sets had no holes in the gravel under the swings.  I must have been blind, as yesterday, the department apparently was in and added some stone to a number of sites.   Woh.
I think Sandy is happy  here, as we're parked in the open and the solar panels finished topping off the batteries by noon.  So I told her that she can have the inverter on all afternoon.  That should really make her day!     She has her computer running,  learning more about Vista (ugh) I'm sure.
Yesterday, we made a quick trip in the Saturn to Sioux Falls to renew our drivers license.  On the way, we stopped in at a small primitive county park near Aurelia, IA called Larson Lake county park.  It is a mile from highway 3, on gravel and has 4 RV parking sites, around an old gravel quarry filed with water.   The nice thing about it is that the interior road is gravel and all of the sites are gravel, so there is no danger of getting stuck when it rains.   The downers are that it has broken tree cover (poor solar)  and they ask for a $5 nightly fee.  It had one RV parked there.
This morning was laundry day again.  I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring, perhaps a day of relaxing.  We called Winnebago about getting the unit serviced  on Friday and a couple of small items fixed and they suggested that we just come on it.  As long as we're in no hurry, they'll work us in.   I like that kind of treatment.   Of course, since we have no near term schedule, it helps.
We're parked on grass that is rapidly drying up.  So a good rain would be in order, plus it would settle the dust on the gravel  road coming in (and hopefully wash the dust off of our rig.)   In the meantime, we're going to enjoy our little bit of heaven.  Yesterday the local RFD mail carrier stopped and left the advertiser, as he did again a few minutes ago.  If nothing else, it would make a  good fire starter.

Life is good!

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