Sunday, June 21, 2009

Allison, Iowa city park

I guess perhaps I'm a bit delinquent, as I see the last entry was last Monday. I would have sworn that I did a more recent copy.
Anyway, we packed up and moved about 40 miles south and east to another city park. On the way, we stopped in Hampton to do our weekly plus laundry. Then finally to the Allison city park. Once here, we settled in, met some friends from the Iowa Escapee's chapter and relaxed. At 6 pm, we were warned that the weather bureau had issued a severe storm warning. So we stuck close to the rig, with the TV on. Shortly, the mist turned to a down pour with lots of wind from the southwest. When it was over, we found out that we had over an inch of rain in about 30 minutes. More than a little shower.
After watching the TV for a while during the rain and wind, Gene decided to audit a cartoon. As far as I'm concerned, it failed. What a piece of trash!
Sandy is working on a handout for the seminar that I'm hosting at the GNR (Winnebago Grand National Rally). She and I don't always agree on how things should be said. Of course, you know who gets her way!
So it looks like it will be a quiet evening, now that the rains have passed us by.

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