Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another Water Pump down the tubes

Okay, things have been just going great as we've settled down here on  the farm.  Actually, we're quietly looking forward to heading north to Forest City to have the motorhome serviced and make plans for a summer rally that we're hosting just prior to the Winnebago Grand National Rally (GNR).   After all, we've been parked here for 2 weeks and hitch itch is beginning to set in.

So we jerked into reality this morning when I attempted to get some water out of the sink faucet. Zero, nothing, not even a drop of the wet stuff.  Our brand new Shurflo water pump wouldn't supply even a drop.  Believe it or not, I was actually hoping that the problem was an electrical connection problem.  But it was not to be.  After breakfast, we suited up (it is cold outside) and went outside to check it  out.  However, all was well with the connections, so we replaced the pump with my backup pump, and all is now working.  My only regret is that I  don't have a diary of all of the issues I've had with our water pumps in this coach.

Thinking back on it, we  have been in this coach for 6 plus years and have been averaging a pump problem about once every year.   Interestingly, in our first 12 years of fulltime living, we had two different RVs and we never had a water pump problem.    All three pumps were manufactured by Shurflo, about the only manufacturer for RV water pumps.  Did somebody say that Shurflo has value-engineered their water pump line?

Today ought to be a relaxing day.  We're getting ready to travel on Monday and Sunday we're going to Amana to see my mother in the care center.  We've then decided to go on to Cedar Rapids to the spring flower show in Knollridge Park, something we've heard about for 40 plus years.  I don't think it will hurt us to tour just a little bit.


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