Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keeping Warm in Cold Northern Iowa

We sure walked into this one  this year, it is cold HERE.  We moved to Forest City yesterday to the Winnebago  Industries Visitor's center.  Thankfully, they have 30 Amp connections for us to plug into.  (So we're using an electric heater for keeping warm.)

The drive yesterday was one of the worst days we've had on the road in many months, perhaps years.  We had a strong wind out of the northwest and all of our driving was either west or north.  But we made it by slowing.  Most of the time, we were in the 45 to 50 mph range.  But we're here!

We're here at Winnebago to have the motorhome  serviced and to make plans for next summer's all Winnebago Rally.  We're committed to doing a seminar on fulltiming and a second seminar on boondocking (no hookups) with some emphasis on using solar power.  In addition, we're the current president for the fulltimer's sub-club in the group.  So with that obligation, we're lining up 3 tours and deciding on three breakfasts and two dinners for the group.  Traditionally, the group has not had any tours.  But Sandy and I agreed that we need to do something besides eat and talk!

We went to the customer service desk this morning and expressed our desired to have the coach serviced, if they could work on it  this week.  We were told to have the coach in the parking lot in one hour to be on standby for service.  At 10:15, they called to tell us they were ready.  I had also asked for them to do a few other small items (I thought) and tonight, they are only half done. I guess re-sealing the roof is a bigger job than I expected!  But it needs to be done.

They returned the coach to us at 3:30 pm so that we can use it tonight.  The bummer is that we have to return it to the service center at 7 AM tomorrow morning.  But then we're good to go for another year.


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