Saturday, April 14, 2012

It is spring in Iowa and time for a Thunder storm or two

We left Forest City this after noon with overcast skies and a light wind from the SE.  Of course, we were headed south, so it was a head wind again.  Tonight we're safely parked in a woods near Clear Lake, IA.  It is actually a state park with developed sites and electricity.  So while I write this, we have spent the last hour watching the Lawrence Welk Saturday evening program.   Of course, we need to keep the TV on so that we get the latest weather updates. (We also have a Wx Radio.)

We took our time leaving Forest City so that we could visit a winery just out of town.  Would you know it that they were closed.   We had trouble finding it because the road signs pointing to winery were not in place.  Once we found it, it was obvious why the signs were down. They are closed during the off season!  Had I called them yesterday to discuss our plans, it would have worked out better for us.  Next Time I will call first!

Our plans are to relax here at McIntosh Woods State Park near Clear Lake for 4 or 5 days.  Or at least until Sandy's cousin blows into town so that they can have some face to face time.  Then we'll probably head south to the farm again.  Mother's birthday (101) is two weeks from tomorrow and we intend to be there to help her celebrate.  (I'm not sure how much celebrating she will do, as she can hardly stay awake to eat her meal!)


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