Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Moving again (We think)

We've been here at McIntosh Woods State Park for 3 days and already we're getting itching feet.  Actually, there are more  opportunities to visit relatives if we move.  So we're planning to move to Beed's Lake State park near Hampton this afternoon.   It would have been in the morning,  but Sandy's cousin just suggested that we go out to dinner with her in Clear Lake.  So in the PM, it will be.

There was great news on the home front yesterday.  We're not even really settled in since our winter travels yet, but it is always time to make travel plans for next year.   So yesterday, we got an email from a couple wanting to rent our lot in a park in Arizona.  So naturally we responded and before the sun went down, the lot was rented.  So I guess we won't even consider going to Arizona next winter.  That is good news as far as we're concerned.

We didn't do much yesterday.  I did go for a couple of short hikes in the woods, but nothing in the open.  the bitter cold wind from the NW was just too much.  In the late afternoon, we went to see Sandy's brother in the care center in Rockwell for a nice visit.  On the return trip, we got our Walmart fix.  Gas at Murphy's was only $3.40 yesterday.  Diesel was $3.80, a very good price.  So when we leave today, do we fill it up, or gamble that fuel prices will continue on downward?

I think it is time to get some fresh air.


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  1. You can't predict the future. Your diesel is 20 cents cheaper than Des Moines. Fill up now.