Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm very late posting again

Woh, here it is Saturday and I haven't posted for a week or more.   All was going fairly well until this weekend, when the bottom fell out of the temperature range  Plus we've had a few wrinkles to get worked out.

In reverse order, last night when the wind was blowing like crazy against the side of our RV ,where the water heater is, the water heater failed.  Because of the wind, I assumed that it wouldn't stay lit.  However, this morning, it was quieter and still no gas heater action.  I did some checking and found that we did have a problem.  Eventually, we found a schematic and determined that the high temperature thermostat was blowing.  So we jumpered around the failed unit and presto, we now have some hot water.  The bad part is that we have to warm the water by time verses using the thermostat.  The good news is we have a replacement part on order already.

It was then to Cedar Rapids for our weekly grocery run before returning to the farm.   We didn't waste much time outside, as the weather has changed to cold and windy!  Today, colder and windy still.

I was thrown a curve this evening when I tried to get into Blogger.  It let me read it, but didn't want me in to create another posting.   The real problem is that Google has a new face on Blogger and I don't  like it.  But we eventually got in and here we are.

Have a great day.


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