Friday, April 13, 2012

We haven't blown away yet!

Here we sit in cool, breezy, wet Forest City, waiting for some nice spring sunshine.  But it won't happen today. A front has moved through and the word is "button down the hatches!"  Our main awning is in, but there is an awning over each slide out and they are taking a beating in this wind.  Plus they create a lot of noise so it makes us think that the place is going to fall over or something.

Our reason for coming here was to get the motorhome serviced and to make firm plans for this summers' rally of a fulltimers club which we are chairman of for the year.  Sandy and I discussed our tentative plans with the current past president who also was here earlier in the week.  Then it was up to us to resolve our differences.   I think we've worked it out okay and we have three or maybe 4 tours on tap plus 4 breakfasts and 2 dinners.

This afternoon we visited an office that has been a good supporter of club activities and while talking with the receptionist, she mentioned that her children were in high school.  I then asked her what she knew about the wind generator that the school has on their property.  I was floored when she told me that she was on the school board and the wind generator was a very good investment.  In fact, at the last board meeting, they voted to install another generator as soon as they can get one.

The generator they have is a reconditioned Belgium unit purchased directly from Belgium.  They have had their name on the list for a second unit for some time and still have no idea when they can get it.  Apparently the rule is that once it is removed from service in Belgium, it can not be re-installed.  The Belgium's are no dummies,  they want the newest and best unit re-installed to generate more power.  So the old units are available for reconditioning and our applications.

I'm assuming that the school has records detailing the cost, and the return.  Obviously, since they have ordered a second one, they must like it.  It would be very interesting to hear it from a user of wind power.


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