Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Puttering along

Okay, I had no intention of writing an entry this noon, but when searching on information about myself, the "blogger" entry came up.  So here I am.

For starters, I yak about the "new face" of Blogger, which I don't like. It seems like a disease of the computer world that after something has been out and in use, they have to give it a new face.  (Windows is the first one on my list.)  I suspect that it is a new crop of programmers who are really justifying their existence.

We had a big family gathering for my mother last Sunday which I really enjoyed.  She is at the ripe old age of 101 and hanging on.  She is ready to meet her maker any time.  I didn't think that she'd be up to it at the care center, but my sister went to see her and the next thing we knew, they wheeled her in.  It is very difficult to converse with her as her hearing is shot and she won't wear a hearing aid.  (Sandy can converse with her but my voice tonal range is out of her hearing range.)  What I especially enjoyed was visiting with all of the nieces and nephews that made it.  What a diverse group of people.

We're perched here on the hill top where the wind seems to never die down much.  It used to be a gentle breeze but not lately.  Of course the way we're parked on the lawn, with trees on the east and the west gives a southern breeze a straight shot to us.  Perhaps it even acts like a funnel to the wind!  But it is good clean fresh farm air (no livestock to help it out).

It is a great day to out and about.


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