Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exploring another County Park

We moved today from the Cerro Gordo County park near Rockwell, IA to another county park on the outskirts of Rock Falls, IA  (NE of Mason City).  The park name is Wilkinson Pioneer County Park.  Its claim to fame in my book was that the data I had showed that it had over 40 sites with electrical hookups.   It does have 42 sites and one electrical post per every two sites.   Upon arrivial, we spent about 10 minutes deciding which site we wanted.  Actually we had too many available sites, since only one site (of 42) was occupied.

We settled in finally and relaxed this afternoon.  I did spot a nice pile of firewood that someone left, so we helped our self.  So we had a fire to roast some brats for dinner and later I sat round the fire until it was too dark to read my book.

The book is one that I picked up at a rally 2 months ago.   A lady brought in a few books and no one wanted this book called "Napoleon Bonaparte".   I find it very interesting to read what was going on in France during the time that our country was just getting her feet on the ground.   Napoleon had a number of good ideas and a few bad ones.  (Remember, we bought the Louisiana Territory because France had a dollar problem.)

Yesterday evening, Sandy's niece Judy stopped in to stay the night.   Judy had just finished her fourth ride on RAGBRAI (Register Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa).  We got an in depth report of what it was like to be riding in RAGBRAI.  When she finally finished, I got a lecture (sales pitch or ??) on why I don't need a notebook computer,  just get an IPhone.  I have to admit that the human factors built into the IPhone are impressive.   It is an appliance with lots of neat applications.

We're here at Wilkkinson Pioneer Park for 2 or 3 days.   We really
have no idea how long we'll stay.  It is nice, quiet and spacious with only one other camper.


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