Monday, August 1, 2011

Lost my Train of Thought

Yesterday while out for my usual walk to explore the campground, my mind raced over several subjects that I could address in the blog.  This morning, I can't recall a single one.    I guess a good nights sleep cleanses the soul and the mind.

We are the only camper here at the county park next to Rockwell, IA.  So no  complaints from the neighborhood.  There is an RV in the host spot, but no one around.   This morning, the drive through ranger almost stopped, but then decided that we were registered (apparently).

Sandy mentioned that we have "water front property" here.   I guess you can say that, as we're backed into our site with the lake about 30 feet on back.  But it is so cruddy that it is not a pretty site.  A flock of 20 plus geese keep us company day and night. They may look pretty, but the down side is "watch where you walk."   They do a good job of fertilizing the  lawn.

Yesterday we visited a very senior cousin of Sandy's here in the local care center.  Time seems to march on for all of us.  He was once an active and vocal fellow.  Today, you have to give him lots of time to convert his thoughts into words (most of the time).   He has a large photo of a C-46 on his bulletin board along with many other photos.  When I asked him about it, he was very quick to say that he flew one through-out the war in the south pacific.  I guess some things get burned into your memory and you never forget!

I think tomorrow we'll move to another county park near Rock Falls.


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