Friday, August 5, 2011

A quiet County Park in Iowa

We came to this park last Tuesday and it has been very quiet.  Almost too quiet.  We didn't even have the locals driving through to see how it was.  (Perhaps they can just see enough from the street.)  However, yesterday afternoon all that changed.  Suddenly we were no longer alone, as 8 new rigs came in to pick their prime spot for the weekend.  But of the 8 new rigs,  only 3 of them stuck around for the night.  Five of them set up the rig and then bailed out for the night. Okay, it is their buck.

So today we're leaving, heading north to a family gathering this week-end.    It is now a little after 7 and the first one for today has arrived.   We plan to leave by 9.  I have to admit I'm curious how much traffic shows up through-out the day.   It is an interesting statistic on how users show up for a function.  It just takes time and a commitment to collect the data.

The good news about leaving is that perhaps we'll have better TV service.  Presently, only have access to CBS and PBS.   What I have missed is the ABC evening news and the ABC GMA in the morning.   We did have access to "Wheel of Fortune", so there was peace in the house!

We have broke a record while here.  For three days running, we have had a fire in the fire-pit and cooked the meat dish over the fire.  Most of the time, we think we should but never do it.

Time to get moving for the day.


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