Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Family is HERE!

The peace and quiet  here on the farm has been interrupted (and not rudely).   Julie and family arrived late yesterday afternoon after traveling from our family gathering by way of Ames, Iowa.    Julie wanted to show the granddaughters where all of us went to school.   They appeared to have had a very good time.

Beth also went by way of Ames, not for a tour, but to visit with a room mate from her years in college.

Yesterday afternoon, we were able to mow some of our lawn.  The grass isn't just long, it is more like a hay field.   But by mowing it after the dew was gone, the grass clippings dispersed themselves well.  If only my mower blades were "true" verses being slightly bent.   I guess I've hit one too many something over the years.

The next 3 days are going to be very interesting. Beth is determined to dispose of all of my goodies in the storage trailer.  Obviously, I intend to keep them.  After all, a fellow has to make some plans for the time between the end of RVing  and the finally packaging!  At least, for now I'm the only one who knows the lock combination, until I'm forced to divulge it.


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