Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend over, back on the farm

Our last posting told you that we were headed for a family (Sandy's side) reunion.   We arrived on Friday afternoon  after stopping for a long break at a city park at Prairie Meadow in Minnesota.  Then when we arrived at Spring Valley, I was informed that we had time to stop so that I could get a haircut (which I had been resisting).   So with no more excuses, I was forced to comply.

The barber in town is an interesting character.  His main occupation is being a barber, but he has numerous other interests to take care of the slack time   For starters, he repairs clocks, all kinds.  He has a mount so that he can work on grand father clock innards outside of the case.   Then I noticed a rack of zippers.  He repairs (replaces) zippers on coats and other items.  To do that he has a heavy duty sewing machine.    While I was sitting in the chair, a lady brought in a chain saw to get the blade sharpened.  (He asked her to take it home and bring in only the chain.)    With all of those sidelines, he was still a decent barber!

I should mention that he has been in business for 42 years and loves it.  I  shouldn't complain,  but he  also only charges $10, probably the same as when he started.  Considering the prices of everything else, I couldn't complain if he raised his price a buck or two.

We'll save our comments on the how the reunion went until tomorrow.  It was great.

After the reunion was over this afternoon, Sandy and I headed back to the farm near Williamsburg.  It was only a 180 miles, but it seemed to take us a long time to get here.   Of course, we stopped at Walmart to fuel up the beast and get a few groceries.  (It was a thirsty beast also.)  Tomorrow both daughters show up for the week. That will liven up this motorhome.


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