Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day Three of daughters here

This is now the third day with our two daughters and family here.   And sometimes, it is a three ring circus in the motorhome.  But I think we'll survive.    We sorted some stuff in the storage trailer again and daughter Beth didn't press me on too many issues.  I did get caught on some towels that I had retrieved from the burn pile and put them in a box back in the trailer.  The mistake I made was not to have buried the box back on a shelf.  So today Beth grabbed the box to see what it was and recognized the contents.  Dad got a lecture!

Today we refilled the water tank in the motorhome and in the process, I learned where my air leak was.   For the last year or more we have been fighting what I thought was a bad water pump or a leaky intake line.  But today we broke the code.

To add water to the RV storage tank, we use the internal pump to draw water from a 100 gallon barrel at ground level  into the rig.   We use the "Winterize" valve setting on the pump intake, which pumps from a 3 foot plastic hose that normally would be in a one gallon anti-freeze jug.   We extend the line to my 100 gallon barrel and all is well.

Today when I pulled the plug out of the anti-freeze line to connect it to the external hose, I heard a strange sucking sound.  The valve was leaking air and allowing the water in the pump intake line to drain back to the internal supply tank.  It was frustrating to hear, but now we know why we've had so many problems with three different water pumps.  So either I replace the valve or we make sure to tightly plug the winterize hose when not needed.

The weather has been just delightful here on the farm.  The humidity has been low, the night time temperatures in the lower 60 range and the days in the mid 70s.  We can handle that.   But as a gentleman farmer, we need to complain just a bit.   Son-in-law and I  went into the cornfield and pulled off a couple of green ears.  The bad news is that the kernels are starting to dent and they appear to be short.   But the corn is standing well, so we'll take what we get.  (As a friend used to say to me, "you farmers are never happy!")

Tomorrow Sandy is going to the state fair with daughter Julie and grand-daughters while I'm going in the opposite direction to drive a friend to the hospital for his chemo treatment.   I'm surprised that the grand-daughters wanted to (or were willing) to go to the fair.  Two  years ago, they had a less than impressive opinion of the fair.   All they wanted to do was go on the rides and the first one upset their stomach a bit.

Life goes on.


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