Saturday, May 23, 2009

We're parked on the Fairgrounds

We'll start this blog early and probably add to it later.   We got an early start from Marshall and arrived at the grounds exactly at 8 AM.    But by the number of RVs in the holding pen, we certainly weren't the first ones.   We were finally parked an hour later.  

Gene is a bit irritated, as not only do seminar presenters have to now pay to come in a day early, we also don't get preferential parking.    In short, Gene is not impressed.  (we'll  have to carry the computer and stuff for 3 seminars to somewhere. )

Our friends that we were to  meet  here  and help them set up for the Row display are here and thanks to the help of their son in law,  they have the job done.  So we're un-employed for the afternoon.   (Of course, Sandy is hibernating on the computer again.  She is running off some newsletters on the HP inkjet and her attitude hasn't been the best the last few days.)    Sometimes I wish we had our old dot matrix tractor feed printer to use.   It was trouble free and sang to you as it printed!
Okay, Sandy finally finished her printing and took a short rest.   We then headed to the market areas, which are about as far and you can get from us and still be on the fairgrounds.   We met a few friends, made more new friends and didn't find anything that I really had to have. It can wait.

Finally, it was time to return to our base of operations, which is at least a half mile from the market area and a very long walk.   But when we were half way there, a friendly fellow on a golf cart stopped and asked if we'd like a ride to where ever we were headed.   Normally I would have said no, but I decided that it was time to accept the offer.  We greatly appreciated it.

After dinner, it was more walking in the campground area, looking for a friend.   One thing this place doesn't have is even a poor map of how the camp parking is laid out.   And no one agrees on what the colors are.   Maybe we need to start giving out our Latitude and longitude to our friends. 

It has been a long day.


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