Friday, May 22, 2009

Fuel prices are finally returning to the right ratio

Today we left our very quiet primitive park near Medora, IA and headed south towards Sedalia and the Escapade.  On the way, we've noticed that once we got into Missouri, diesel is actually cheaper than gas at many stations.  I only wish it remains so, but I take it that this is a quirk where the fuel companies have raised the price of gas to gouge the holiday traveling public!

Tonight it is walmart, a friendly parking lot that is always close to the highway, always has the lights on for us, all sites are pull throughs,  and the office is always open.  And yes, Sandy paid our parking fee in good measure.    It seems that when we rough it for a week, we're always in need of lots of stuff.   (Before we leave, there will be 4 receipts also, including a big one for diesel.)

I always think of so much stuff to write about until we open the blog window; then my mind goes blank.   Perhaps we'll add to it later tonight.  


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